Hamburg - The Superyacht Destination

Hamburg is part of the SuperYacht Northern Europe Route and is considered Germany's most exciting city port. There are numerous attractions all year round. With multiple berths options right in the center of Hamburg, supplemented by first-class refit and maintenance facilities in the port area and its close neighbourhood, it is the perfect place for superyachts. In Germany, we believe in high quality and also know how to satisfy ship owner, captain and crew.

We will make sure to create a unique and memorable experience for superyachts and their guests in Hamburg.




  • Ueberseebruecke


    Nautical Information:

    Swimming Pontoon 
    Length: 250m 
    Depth: 8.9m
    Height of quay: 0.75m  
    Security: per request 
    Double Occupancy „Package“ available


    Facilities on site:

    Electricity: currently in planning 

    Freshwater: per barge
    Waste & garbage: per barge
    Bunkering: per barge

  • Sandtorhöft


    Nautical Information:

    3 Pontoons à 30m

    Length: 90m

    Depth: 4m

    Height of quay: 0,75m

    Double Occupancy „Package“ available

    Security: per request 

    Protected by the main stream of the Elbe


    Facilities on Site:

    Electricity: currently in Planning

    Freshwater: per Barge

    Waste & garbage: per Barge

    Bunkering: per Barge

  • Steinwerder


    Nautical Information:

    Swimming pontoon

    Length: 30m

    Depth: 8m

    Height of quay: 1m

    Security: per request


    Facilities on site

    Electricity: currently in planning

    Freshwater: up to 40m³/hour

    Waste & garbage: per barge

    Bunkering: per Barge



Tim Schneider

Chief Terminal Officer

Information and Rates

Information about ship fees and other fees for the corresponding berths can be found in the price list for yachts:


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