Rent our Cruise Centre Steinwerder as Event Location

The Cruise Centre Steinwerder is located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg. In the absence of a cruise ship on call, the cruise terminal offers you a modern venue for large scale events with its very own special charm, leaving the choice and organisation of catering and technique to be configured as per your requirements.

Both terminal buildings (2.393 m² and 1.751 m², pillar-free, approved for 1.400 people each) feature a contemporary glass and steel building design in addition to the fantastic location overlooking Hamburg’s Old Town and the container port. This ambience, coupled with very good acoustics, creates the best conditions for holding large-scale events. 1.500 car parking spaces for your guests as well as parking areas for buses, taxis and trucks make it easy to get there without stress. Alternatively, you can let your guests arrive by ferry: The Cruise Centre Steinwerder has its own ferry landing pier – a feature that further underlines the uniqueness of this event location.

Make your event a memorable one!




Cruise Center Steinwerder

  • two terminals for 1.400 persons each
  • high terminals without pillars
  • free catering and technic choice
  • 1.500 parking places
  • ferry pier, bus terminal and a big truck parking area available
  • suspension points

Arrival Hall (Terminal 1)

  • 1.751 sqm
  • A ladies restroom with 10 toilets
  • A men´s restroom with 6 toilets and 4 urinals
  • 7 power sockets à 32 A in the baggage sorting room and one 63 A socket outside on the pier
  • Foyer
  • Additional premises available

Departure Hall (Terminal 2)

  • 2.393 sqm
  • 10 power outlets à 32 A
  • Two ladies restrooms with a total of 16 toilets
  • Two men´s restrooms with a total of 10 toilets and 15 urinals
  • A bar area with bar including cooling counter, fridge and water connection
  • Digital screens can be used at the glass front
  • Additional premises available

We are happy to create an individual offer for your event. Please address your event request to: