Berth Assignment

CGH Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH manages and assigns the berths at the terminals in Steinwerder, Altona, Baakenhöft and HafenCity (from 2024 onwards). Click on the link below for the terms and conditions of berth assignment.


Nautical information

Commercial and nautical information for cruise lines or agents and who they can contact if they have questions that concern the Hamburg Port Authority as the provider of the public infrastructure in the Port of Hamburg.

Nautical Information

Shipping Companies and Agents

Mission to Seafarers

DUCKDALBEN is the name of the International Seamen’s Club [Deutsche Seemannsmission Hamburg-Harburg e. V.] founded in Hamburg in 1986. If you are a seafarer and need some assistance and guidance in Hamburg, please contact DUCKDALBEN. They will be happy to help you. You can also spend your free on-shore time at the seamen’s club. In 2011 the seamen’s club was voted best seamen’s club in the world.


Luggage Handling


The partners of CGH Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH offer disembarkation and embarkation services in connection with luggage handling and process control & monitoring such as, for example, porter services, taking over passenger luggage, delivering luggage to and retrieving it from ISPS security check, moving luggage within the terminal building, sending luggage to customs as well as storing, sorting and delivering luggage as specified by the cruise line and loading passenger luggage onto the cruise ship.


The partners of CGH offer process control & monitoring services for handling food and drinks, equipment, spare parts, waste etc. as well as delivering goods to / receiving goods from transport vehicles and loading goods onto and unloading goods from cruise ships.


If you would like to apply for accreditation as a handling service provider at the three terminals, please send an e-mail to