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Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH is a subsidiary of  the Hamburg Port Authority AöR. As the operator of the three cruise centres (Altona, HafenCity and Steinwerder) CGH is the single point of contact for all cruise lines.

The declared aim of the company is to provide transparent “single-source cruise services” to all terminals in Hamburg.

The cruise industry is growing fast, and it is expected to continue to do so over the next years. To keep pace with the rapid growth, CGH ensuring that cruise lines will be provided excellent services and passengers have an enjoyable stay in the world’s most beautiful city.

Moin Moin - Welcome to Hamburg
Sacha Rougier 


Sacha Rougier


"As Managing Director of Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH, I am very ambitious to help the beautiful city of Hamburg increase its positive development regarding cruise tourism. We are getting essential support from the passion and loyalty of the whole population, the economy and the government. Hamburg has got a vast potential and the future is looking bright.

Ingrid Boqué

Management Assistant

"My professional experience has been raised among the cruise industry during the past 5 years. I have been working on different tasks within the cruise operations in Ports in Europe. Now I am assisting our general management with varied tasks which remain connected with all partners involved in this exciting business."

Jörg Jocker

Director Operations & Revenue Management

"Since being a child I am very interested in ships and the shipping industry – therefore I cannot imagine a better working place than the harbor of Hamburg! After being actively involved in the buildup of Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH and the construction of the cruise terminal Steinwerder my main objective now is the operation of all cruise terminals in Hamburg.

Burda Brauer

Chief Terminal Officer

"My daily work at the different cruise terminals is diverse and interesting. I can actively introduce my knowledge from my seafaring days which is very positive for the whole team. Additionally I am responsible for a new and exciting project – the supervision of events at our wonderful location cruise terminal Steinwerder."

David López

Chief Terminal Officer

"My relationship to different ports is a very fundamental aspect of my life for several years now. All the different guests, diverse languages and a common goal make sure that the procedures within the port remain challenging and important. So every day I am provided with new experiences."

Daniel Bruhn

Chief Terminal Officer

"As long as I am working now I have been related to cruises and cruise ships. I am very excited to actively introduce my knowledge regarding cruise calls, passenger exchange, shore excursions etc. to the Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH."

Mareike Stockrahm

Chief Terminal Officer

"After serving several years on tankers as Chief Officer sailing the oceans of the world, I’m looking forward to get to know this other side of the shipping business.

Leonard de los Santos

Chief Terminal Officer

"I have been part of  Hamburg cruise industry since its beginning. Over the past years it has evolved into one of Europes biggest cruise destinations and its great to experience this unique journey. My decades of maritime experience and acquired knowledge at sea and in port, help me support my team and insure procedures run smoothly at the harbour.

Diana Acker

Management Assistant

"Besides the extensive assistance of our general management my field of activity is characterized by the following tasks: For example the bid proposal management for a lease of our terminal as an event location.

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