10% off for Ships with an ESI Index at the Port of Hamburg: The most successful index worldwide for the environmental performance of vessels

The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) of the International Association for Ports and Harbours (IAPH) is a success story! Starting in 2011 with 245 vessels and 3 ports as incentive provider, the ESI today includes almost 7.000 vessels and more than 50 incentive providers worldwide.

The Port of Hamburg is part of this story – and benefits environmentally good performing vessels by a fixed bonus of up to 10 % on the port fee environmental component.

How does ESI work? ESI evaluates the quantity of nitrogen oxide (NOX) and sulphur oxide (SOX) released by a ship as well as the ship’s CO2 emissions and accounts for the possibility to use onshore power. These data are transferred onto a scale from 0 to 100. On the basis of the ESI score the ports then voluntarily develop an incentive scheme to reward ship owners with a fixed bonus when they take part in this.

What´s the benefit for the ship owners? Every ship owner in the maritime business can use the ESI, participation is free of charge. With the participation in ESI and a good score cruise lines not only are able to receive rebates on the port dues in the participating ports. They can also show their environmental awareness and use it in their marketing and promotions which might make the difference in gaining new customers or even attracting a new clientele.

What´s in for the ports? ESI is a win-win opportunity for ports and ship-owners. Ports with an ESI based port due reduction scheme attract more environmentally friendly vessels and hence reduce the environmental impact of shipping in the port.

What are the next steps? About 100 cruise vessels are voluntarily registered at the moment. More participants are highly welcome, particularly in regard to the new vessels being all frontrunners in the environmental performance. Every ship owner and port who joins in the project will improve the maritime and port environment.

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