Cruise start in Hamburg: Season opens with "HANSEATIC nature" by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises


Hamburg, 15 June 2021 – Hamburg's cruise season has started: initiated by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' "HANSEATIC nature" departing from the Cruise Center Altona tonight, being the first cruise of the season to sail from Hamburg.

"We are very pleased that the cruise season in Hamburg has started today with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, and to finally welcome a cruise ship with passengers and crew at our terminals again," says Simone Maraschi, Managing Director of the terminal operator Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH.

Last year, the Port of Hamburg was one of the first cruise ports globally to manage a controlled restart in close collaboration with the authorities and cruise lines. Guidelines for the resumption of the cruise business regulated, among other things, the implementation of infection control concepts in the terminals. Simone Maraschi: "Last summer showed that safe cruises are possible even in times of a pandemic. For this year's restart, we have additionally overviewed, adapted and improved the operational and hygienic concepts that were elaborated with the cruise lines last year and which proven successful." A total of 81 calls took place from / to Hamburg in the 2020 season, none of the cruises taking place after the restart in June 2020 had experienced any incidents.

With regard to the further development of this year's ocean and river cruise season in Hamburg, Simone Maraschi says: "As of today we cannot make any reliable statements as the cruise lines are still in the process of adjusting their itineraries, furthermore the development of the season depends on external factors such as the opening of the Scandinavian and North Sea countries. We are optimistic, however, especially because of the positive experience gained after the restart last year in Hamburg." Currently, AIDA Cruises plan to sail from Hamburg from July 2021.