Information about Covid-19

Dear Cruise passengers

Cruise Gate Hamburg cares about the health of their guests, employees and the ships crews. In order to protect us all as well as possible and to minimize the risk of infection with the corona virus, we have developed infection control measures together with the cruise lines and health authorities. We kindly ask you to adhere to these regulations - and thus help to make your arrival, check-in and travel as relaxed and safe as possible.

Thank you!

The Team of Cruise Gate Hamburg

Your Arrival at the Cruise Center

Important Notes

Slot management

With your booking you received a time window for your embarkation at the terminal. Please stick to this time window to speed up the check-in process.


Please schedule your arrival according to the time window you received. If you arrive at the terminal earlier than planned, we must ask you to wait in the car or (shuttle) bus.

Luggage drop off

Please hand in your luggage at the marked location. Please pay attention to the minimum distance and the instructions of the staff.

Temperature check

Please go to the terminal for check-in within your specified time frame. A contactless temperature check takes place automatically upon entry. If an increased value is determined here, a more detailed examination is carried out by the onboard doctor.



Check-in takes place at the counters provided. Please also pay attention to the necessary distance and follow the instructions of the staff.

Security check

After check-in please proceed to the security area and go through security.


You can now go on board. We wish you a pleasant journey - and look forward to welcoming you back upon your return.


Your Safety at the Cruise Center

Important Notes

In order to guarantee the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the guests, we must avoid large numbers of people in the terminal at any point of time. We would like to point out that your embarkation may be delayed if the specified time window is not adhered to.

Tempreature check

Please go to the terminal for check in within your specified time frame. Contactless temperature check is carried out automatically when you enter the building.

Examination by the medical staff

If you are diagnosed with an elevated level during temperature check, a more detailed examination is carried out by the medical staff.

Further inspection

The medical staff will then determine whether further checks are necessary and whether the journey can be continued.



Keep Distance

We ask all passengers to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people when entering the terminal.

Wash your hands

Please use the disinfection dispenser and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Mouth and Nose Protection

Wearing mouth-nose protective masks is mandatory on the entire terminal premises.

Building cleaning

The terminal building is cleaned at regular intervals and all equipment in the terminal (security, sanitary) are disinfected regularly.


The luggage is placed in the terminal on the return journey ensuring that all passengers keep the minimum distance when picking up the luggage.

Health check

All employees working at the terminal go through a health / temperature check every morning. This ensures that no employee with symptoms such as cough, fever, etc. is working at the terminal.


FAQ - Do you have questions? We answer!

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