River Cruises

River Cruises

River Cruising on the Elbe River – an area rich in history, culture and natural beauty

The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the ideal location for an extraordinary river cruise on the Elbe. Along one of the largest rivers in Europe, a combination of outstanding culture, beautiful scenery and fascinating nature is offered.

The journey begins in the Hanseatic town of Hamburg, second largest German City and one of Europe´s largest ports. A place where tradition meets innovation. Passengers can uncover the historic roots with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Speicherstadt – and pay a visit to the spectacular Miniatur Wonderland.

As opposed to stately historic buildings, right next to it the HafenCity offers a futuristic Contrast with the new „Elbphilharmonie“ concert hall, one of the largest city planning projects in Europe. The day ends or the night begins where the Beatles shot to fame - one of the most famous nightlife districts, the Reeperbahn.

The Elbe is one of the most popular rivers in Germany for riverboat cruises. Attractions are the numerous listed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites that can be explored along the river and on excursions to nearby destinations. Several routings are possible on the Elbe and its tributary rivers such as the Moldau and the Havel. The Elbe is navigable by reasonably large riverboats from its mouth in the North Sea at Cuxhaven to Nymburk (Neuenburg) in the Czech Republic.

The main cruises season on the Elbe River is from April to October. However, cruises outside this period, around Christmas and New Years become increasingly popular.

With its urban port, Hamburg can offer multiple berths: the Überseebrücke is closely linked with the maritime history of the port of Hamburg and the ponton at the cruise center Steinwerder offers a quiet and exclusive location away from the city stress.


  • Überseebrücke


    Nautical Information:

    Swimming Pontoon 
    Length: 250m 
    Depth: 8.9m
    Height of quay: 0.75m  
    Security: per request 
    Double Occupancy „Package“ available

    Facilities on Site:

    Electricity: currently in planning 
    Freshwater: per barge
    Waste & garbage: per barge
    Bunkering: per barge

  • Steinwerder


    Nautical Information:

    Swimming pontoon

    Length: 30m

    Depth: 8m

    Height of quay: 1m

    Security: per request


    Facilities on site

    Electricity: currently in planning

    Freshwater: up to 40m³/hour

    Waste & garbage: per barge

    Bunkering: per Barge



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