Business Areas

Business Areas

An overview of our business segments

  • For Cruise Lines

    For Cruise Lines

    Die CGH Cruise Gate Hamburg GmbH verwaltet und vergibt die Liegeplätze an den drei Standorten Steinwerder, Hafencity und Altona. Im Folgenden finden Sie die Rahmenbedingungen für die Vergabe.

  • River Cruises

    River Cruises

    The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the ideal location for an extraordinary river cruise on the Elbe. Along one of the largest rivers in Europe, a combination of outstanding culture, beautiful scenery and fascinating nature is offered.

  • Yachting


    Hamburg is part of the new SuperYacht Northern Europe Route and is considered Germany's most exciting urban port. With numerous berths directly in the center of Hamburg, it is the perfect place for superyachts.