Beautiful yachts visiting the Port of Hamburg: "Forever One" and "Were Dreams"

The port of Hamburg is now officially part of the recently established “Northern European Superyacht Route”, meaning it is a port of call for superyachts heading to the increasingly fashionable cruising destinations in Scandinavia, the Baltic, the fjords and the Arctic region. Kick-off for this project has been the calls of the Yachts "Were Dreams" and „Forever one“ on Monday, 8th July, and Tuesday, 9th July.

Hamburg had joined the new initiative by HISWA Holland Yachting Group and the Port of Amsterdam in May 2019 and is very pleased to welcome Superyacht owners seeking to move on from the traditional cruising areas on the dedicated Northern European Superyacht Route, since owners are increasingly looking for something new and original beside the traditional Mediterranean and Caribbean sailing areas. Northern Europe, with its superb nature, convivial culture and avant-garde art & design, has been reaping the rewards.

Cruise Gate Hamburg hopes to see more Yachts in Hamburg in the future. “The Northern European Route has so many exciting places and diverse attractions and we believe that Hamburg – as Germany´s most exciting waterfront city – is the ideal port of call for superyachts," says Sacha Rougier, Managing Director of Cruise Gate Hamburg.





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