Hamburg, the City of Music has it new Landmark : the Elbphilharmonie


Once upon a time there was a warehouse. It started with an idea in december 2001.....the project´s initiators, Alexander Gérard and Jana Marko had the idea of using as a base the existing building, surrounded on three sides by water. The architects took this idea further, envisioning a multifunctional complex, 37 metres abouve the water with at its centre, a grand concert hall, surrounded by a hotel and aprtments.

Hamburg was a city of music. Hamburg is a city of music. Hamburg has the Elbphilharmonie. The fantastic building on the banks of the river offers many different views of freedom – freedom of art, freedom of trade and freedom of senses. Already unmistakable on the city skyline, its silhouette is also a symbol of beauty, an ode to the future